Friday, September 15, 2006

Mother Teresa

She was nun of the above.

Jesus Calls

The Old Testament, now in SMS!

Breaking Noose

The hangman became a news anchor.

The Secret Life of Pi

Why I wore a pansy nightgown.

When God Became A Democrat

God loses to Devil in polls.

Two Dogs

Success dumps Failure. Seeks new suitor.

Freedom From Labour

The unborn twins swore at her.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Life in Slow Motion

The snail and the rat race.

Destiny Remixed

Her past will be his future.

Gossip Monger

He holds the world's greatest secret.

Possessed Parker

He just couldn't stop writing.


Lois Lane gives birth to triplets.

The Child Snatcher

Calvin, Dennis and Charlie Brown, kidnapped.

The Changing Room

You could swap bodies in here.

Time Traveller

Son at noon. Dad at night.

Mystic Answering Machine

Any problem. It had the solution.

How The Hawk Became A Dove

Bin Laden wins Nobel Peace Prize.

White House Turns China Town

Ping Pong, President. Ding Dong, Veep.

Undying Spirit

The tormentor had four more lives.

Rasputin Versus Casanova

Two charmers want the same woman.

Clever Murders

A serial killer named Agatha Christie.

Stones with a Soul

It was the statues' day out.

Drama at Dawn

4:53 AM, President. 4:59 AM, Ex-President.


"Henceforth, there shall be no Sundays."

Next Target

Statue of Liberty is not safe.

The Adorable Snowman

Yeti launches PR blitz. Repositions himself.

Confessions of a Sinner Saint

Polygamous padre preaches about Virgin Mary.

Believe it or not

Santa wins KBC. Banta wins Mastermind.

White Out

One fine day, all shadows vanished.


"Uh oh! My kidney is missing."

The Bose Who Talks

The phone rang. It was Netaji.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Spy Birds

Nobody suspected the cutesy parrots.

Class Act

The children took teachers as hostages.

The Philosopher Parasite

"Why was I a born sucker?"

Shallow Titles

It's out: Mr. Universe is gay.

A Fleeting Era of Immortality

Yama put in his papers today.

Dream TV

"I saw your dreams last night."

i Cube

"Three souls in one body? Impossible!"

Age Old Secret

He rediscovered youth after touching 150.

Carbon Copy

"I am Hitler. Call me Adolf."

The Voodoo Man

Ku Klux Klan endorses black candidate.

The Memory Bomb

Osama just did not remember anything.

The Magic Potty

Flush once to get an idea.

The Stranger in the Last Cubicle

He wrote obituaries for a living.

Adventures of a Rabies Victim

Can he win the dog show?

The Life of Mr. Tarla Dalal

Prison porridge was a welcome relief.

The Inexplicable Heart Attack second before he attained nirvana.

The Wrestling Match

The elephant versus a drunken ant.

Discount Date

"I bought her on Ebay, yesterday."


The year ended in six months.

The Incredible Heist

"The Taj Mahal is missing, sir!"

The Man at the Water Works

He had 10 kilos of Cyanide.

The Bubonic Plague Mystery

The insurance inspector smelled a rat.

Chicago Bull

The giants woke up as dwarfs.

Reincarnation of Christ

The Tamil baby spoke in Aramaic.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Topsy Turvy

"Guess who I saw in Heaven?"

The Greek Spy

Prometheus fired for revealing state secret.

Aladdin's Daughter

Miss Mary had a little lamp.

The Return of Ali Baba

40 thieves versus one deadly conman.

Siddhartha's Journey

"Where can I find some peace?"

The Gentleman Thief

He stole my tumour. That rogue.

The Jovian Code

He had cracked the Indus script.

Travails of Mr. Hillary

Mount Everest seemed like a hillock.

The Cruel Fate of Elisa

She had never hurt a fly.

Practical Joke

First the obituary. Then the death.

Rubik's Dream

The cube had seven faces. Odd.

The Plot

The wardrobe malfunction distracted the security.

The Parallel Universe

Sachin Tendulkar was a hopeless loser.

The AB Negative Killer

All for six cups of blood.

The Buddhist Who Played Rugby

The monk gave up his monkhood.

Two Nations & A Chess Match

One move. And Kashmir was his.

The Diwali Blast

"Isn't that a mushroom cloud?"

The Mosquito From Red Cross

"They need blood, they need blood!"

Lolita's Revenge

Poisoned by his own little girl.

The Chef Husband

"Hotel food tastes like home food."

A Terrorist Named Gandhi

The suicide bomber changed his mind.

The Supernatural Swap

Her beauty exchanged for his brains.

The Girl Who Never Shed a Tear

She could fix anything. Even heartbreaks.

Prison Security Blanket

He claimed he was HIV Positive.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Ghost in the Machine

The wheels got schizophrenic. Strange indeed.

The Puzzle

Born obese in famine stricken Somalia.


Cancer came. He smiled. Cancer died.

Good Karma

The gutter rat entered a jacuzzi.

Stevie Wonder

He never turned on the lights.

Ransom Note Writer

The pen was tired of abuse.

Epitaph of a Comedian

Show is over. It wasn't funny.

The Pact That Wasn't

First she died. Then he didn't.

The Man Whose Time Never Came

However hard he tried, he lived.

Corporate Affairs

Lost his job. And his wife.

Cosmic Zoo

The Earthling was the next exhibit.

Freedom Fighter

His hobby was to catch butterflies.

The Chameleon

Beggar before noon. Money changer, afternoon.

Base Six

3030 was tattooed on his arm.

Match Fixing

The captain dropped the crucial catch.

The Tyrant's End

The surgeon ate the president's liver.

Sholay Coin

'Heads you die.' 'Tails you die.'


One bullet. One shot. Two died.

Where's the money?

The termites had a rich dinner.

The Inseparable Trio

'I do.' 'I do.' 'I do.'

The Lunar Complex

The jealous moon refused to shine.

The Usual Suspects in America

Ali. Hassan. Omar. Muhammad. Usman. Khan.

Marriage on the rocks

She was raped. By her husband.

The Wealthy Fool

Won a lottery on April 1st.

The Mistake

He bit the cyanide capsule. Alas.

Benjamin Spock

He said: Vulcan blood is blue.

Laura Mars

His life. She knew the ending.

Martian Holiday

Day 389. Not one year yet.

Blind Date

He was deaf. She was dumb.


She fell asleep. She was dreaming.

Someone at the door

Knock. Knock. It was the reaper.

Public Service

The prostitute did it for free.

The Headline

India loses 21 wickets. Coach sacked.

Deja Vu

Drank some water. Tasted like tears.

Unknown Epic

The wall was painted. Masterpiece lost.

Children's Thriller

The sun gets kidnapped every night.


And the coffinmaker turned a billionaire.

The End is Near

When the vegetarian turns a cannibal.

The Law of Conservation of Energy

Born poor. Lived poor. Died poor.

The Kleptomaniac

Stole the Mona Lisa. By mistake.


The perfume loves the stinking socks.

The Truth

She lied. He lied. They married.

The Mystery of the Missing Pens

The writer stopped writing. Started typing.

The Riot

500 died. No one was hurt.


Inside your soul is his body.

The Amnesiac

He forgot that he was forgotten.

The Cheat

Changed his sex. And his partner.

The Dope on Birth

The winner sperm was on steroids.